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Turtle Ridge Farmstead

Tomato (Heirloom)

Tomato (Heirloom)

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Heirloom tomatoes are a significant departure from the uniform and tasteless items found in grocery stores.  On the outside, they are regularly irregular, bumpy, even craggy.  They can be fussy when growing and their thin skins demand a delicate touch when harvesting and storing.  There's magic on the inside however as they pack a surprisingly rich and nuanced flavor along with a wonderful texture!

Large fruit with deep pink skin and smooth red flesh.  Its luscious heirloom flavor is distinctively rich, loud, and spicy.

Cherokee Purple:
Famous for its rich, well balanced and full flavor with hints of sweetness and smoke.  Dusky purple-pink with dark shoulders.  Interior flesh ranges from purple to brown to green.

German Johnson:
Pink to red beefsteak, with a fantastic flavor similar to Brandywine.

Wisconsin 55:  
Originated from the University of Wisconsin, this scarlet-red, medium sized slicer is great for sandwiches and salads.  More uniform in shape and size than other heirlooms, this dependable and tasty gem consistently earns its place in our gardens.

Size Chart

Size Approx. Weight
Giant 19 oz. & up
X-Large 15-18 oz.
Large 10-14 oz.
Medium 6-9 oz.


Storage and Tips

Optimal Storage: Cool (50-60F) and humid (90% RH).

Tip: Room temperature is best for continued ripening of tomatoes off the vine, no sunlight required. For faster ripening, place tomato in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple and keep at room temp. These ripe fruits emit ethylene gas which speeds the ripening process.

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