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Turtle Ridge Farmstead



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Striking yellow and red colored slicer with soft flesh that has an excellent, sweet flavor and meaty texture.  Terrific in salads and on BLTs.

A versatile heirloom-like tomato with a meaty texture and little gel.  Full, rich flavor great for fresh eating while also excellent for sauce, canning, and salsa.  We mix this 50:50 with our Roma or paste tomatoes to make all of our tasty tomato sauces.

Size Chart

Size Approx. Weight
Giant 19 oz. & up
X-Large 15-18 oz.
Large 10-14 oz.
Medium 6-9 oz.


Storage and Tips

Optimal Storage: Cool (50-60F) and humid (90% RH).

Tip: Room temperature is best for continued ripening of tomatoes off the vine, no sunlight required. For faster ripening, place tomato in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple and keep at room temp. These ripe fruits emit ethylene gas which speeds the ripening process.

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